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Helping you find the right candidate.

Reverse Logistics is more than just a sector or skillset, it encapsulates everything after the point of sale. This includes all the activities that occur to support people and businesses who have acquired products or services, the future needs of which require the realising of value through a combination of complex interactions during an ongoing lifecycle. 

If your business is engaged in Returns, Repair, Remanufacture, Resell, Reuse, Remarket, Managed Services, Service Supply Chains, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Refurbish, Reprocess, Repurpose, Spare Parts, Field Services, Restock, Redeploy, Recycle…. then we understand what you are talking about!  

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ITAD / Telecoms / IT


Retail / Etail


Managed Services

Financial Services

SaaS / AI / IoT / EMS / OEM



Reverse Logistics covers all sectors and attracts solutions from equally diverse backgrounds including a plethora of exciting start-ups many of whom embrace Circular Economy and Circularity.  


Years of Collective Experience

Established in 2017, we have over 70+ years combined market experience and expertise in perfectly pairing employee and employer.


Clients from around the World

We have helped connect hundreds of candidates to the right role for them from our ever increasing portfolio of clients from around the globe.


Sectors Covered

Our dedicated and experienced team works across a wide multitude of sectors, meaning no matter what you do we can provide the right support.

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